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Welcome to The Cookie Movement!!

This is a comprehensive program that provides interactive workshops and keynote presentations to organizations across the country. TCM enriches the mind, body and soul of women and youth via three foundational pillars; building self-esteem, developing healthy relationships and encouraging youth abstinence.

In today's culture it takes an extraordinary person with an extraordinary sense of self to make choices that don’t follow the norm. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary and The Cookie Movement is designed to impart that message to women and youth everywhere. Through keynote presentations that are entertaining and engaging the message of loving and valuing oneself is consistently conveyed. Workshop environments are inclusive and cooperative, but also challenge group members to step outside their “circle of comfort” to experience new revelations and self-discoveries. Participants will walk away with a finely tuned sense of self, as well as strategies to help them make wise life choices and live an authentic, purposeful life.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 16:
Renewing the Sisterhood Tour
Antioch Fellowship Hall, Flint, MI
11am - 2pm

Show your support of the Sisterhood!

Save Your Cookies for the Right Glass of Milk℠

Cookies (noun) cook•eez: The essence of a ‘whole’ person. Your mind, body, and soul—gifts, talents and individuality. If not nurtured, you may not rise. If not valued, you may lose your identity and flavor for living. If recklessly given away you may become broken, thus decreasing the possibility of fulfilling your life’s purpose.

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