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Just Like Sugar and Eggs - Know Your Value
Healthy Relationships. Healthy You—Strategies to Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships
Give Wings to Your Dreams
The Apprentice of… (Your school or organization)
The Transition Mission
Smart Cookies - Tween Talk for Girls
Smart Cookies and The Right Glass of Milk
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Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 16:
Renewing the Sisterhood Tour
Antioch Fellowship Hall, Flint, MI
11am - 2pm

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Save Your Cookies for the Right Glass of Milk℠

Cookies (noun) cook•eez: The essence of a ‘whole’ person. Your mind, body, and soul—gifts, talents and individuality. If not nurtured, you may not rise. If not valued, you may lose your identity and flavor for living. If recklessly given away you may become broken, thus decreasing the possibility of fulfilling your life’s purpose.